254 East Putnam Avenue

Greenwich, CT 06830


The Horseneck Foundation

The Foundation Board: David M.Yudain, Chair; Timothy K. Carpenter, John Ford, K. Carter Harris, James B. Lemler, Nancy S. Maulsby

The Advisory Board: TBD

The Foundation: Horseneck Foundation, Inc. was established in July 2009 to solicit support and funding beyond the parishioners of Christ Church Greenwich for projects to repair, restore, renovate or maintain the historic buildings owned by the Parish of Christ Church Greenwich. As a legal entity, it is entirely separate from Christ Church Greenwich. Funds donated to the Foundation will be used expressly according to the wishes of the donors, and will expressly exclude the religious activities of the church and its congregation. Given the historical significance of the campus and its buildings it is hoped that the foundation will provide an opportunity for support from outside the congregation from people and organizations that share an interest in restoring and maintaining this part of the heritage of Greenwich, Connecticut.

The Foundation has both a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board. The Board of Directors will oversee the daily operations of the Foundation. Its members may or may not be members of Christ Church Greenwich. The Advisory Board is comprised of individuals who have an expressed interest and expertise in the mission of the Foundation - the restoration and maintenance of the buildings on the campus. Members of the church and persons in the community they consulted also felt that the extensive work required on the several buildings around the Church property would be better managed by a dedicated organization that could exercise oversight to assure the timely and successful completion of projects. After Christ Church Greenwich initiated plans for a Capital Campaign in 2007, leaders of the church and community concluded that a separate organization should be established to identify, solicit and provide funds through an organization established to seek donations from the wider community, including grants for specific historic restorations.

The Foundation has and will have a close connection with Christ Church Greenwich. Christ Church Greenwich is a parish of the diocese of Connecticut in the Episcopal Church. Christ Church Greenwich was incorporated in Greenwich, Connecticut, on September 25, 1833 and is under the direction of its Rector and is administered by its Senior Warden and Junior Warden. The policies and budget of the parish are controlled by the vestry of the Church.

Horseneck Foundation will be governed by its separate and independent Board of Directors whose members will elect their successors. It will be organized and operated to fulfill its stated purposes. The Officers and the Vestry of Christ Church Greenwich will not have the power to nominate or select directors of Horseneck Foundation.

It is expected, however, that the Foundation will communicate and work closely with the officers and staff of Christ Church Greenwich in developing and executing plans for the funding of and renovations to Christ Church Greenwich, in the context of preserving and extending the life of the historic facilities of the church.

Horseneck Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization registered with the IRS and subject to IRS guidelines governing such organizations.