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254 East Putnam Avenue

Greenwich, CT 06830



Christ Church Greenwich has been visible and important to the Greenwich community for more than 100 years. Beyond the services and activities of the church itself, Christ Church has hosted important occasions of celebration, commemoration and memorial among the people of Greenwich and far beyond and served as a meeting place for many community groups. The Christ Church campus on historic U.S. Route 1 has long been a landmark to residents and travelers, as well as a gracious and attractive symbol of the values and spiritual life of the town.

The campus comprises some of the most beautiful historic structures in Greenwich, including the 1861 Calvert Vaux Tomes-Higgins house and the 1910 church building itself. For the last hundred years, the responsibility for the care and support of these buildings has rested solely on the shoulders of the dedicated and generous families of the Christ Church congregation.

The Horseneck Foundation was created in 2009 by members of Christ Church Greenwich. The Foundation is honored to have as its primary mission the preservation and maintenance of these historic structures for posterity. The foundation mission also includes renovation and possible expansion of the physical plant of Christ Church Greenwich to support existing and additional non-religious charitable activities within the mission of Christ Church that benefit the larger community, such as AA (the third oldest meeting in the country) and Neighbor to Neighbor (the only food and clothing pantry in the Town of Greenwich). To accomplish this important mission, the Foundation solicits and procures the necessary funds to provide for current needs and long-term support and care. In order to do justice to this Greenwich landmark, the Foundation is seeking the interest and support of people throughout the community who care deeply about the history of the region and are vested in the preservation of historic buildings on the campus.